Saturday, 26 February 2011

First Animatic

Since this will be my first animation in colour as well as my first animation with dramatic lightning, I felt it necessary to go back to my storyboards and work out exactly how I wanted the lightning to be for each shot before I made them into an animatic. By doing this I can better convey the atmosphere and drama I want each scene to have, which in turn will help the audio designer I'm going to be working with to compose a fitting score for my film. Below you can see the individual panels of my storyboard again, this time shaded digitally in Photoshop.

Here is the first version of my animatic. Without any music to work to it was difficult to guess the exact timing of everything, so I had to settle for a rough estimate... but based on the opinions of my teachers and fellow students who I've asked to watch it, it seems to flow fine and the story is easy to follow. At the moment the film is about two minutes long, which I think is a decent length... Any longer and I'll never animate everything in time, and any shorter would rush things too much and elements of the story would be lost and confusing. I will re-edit the animatic once I have some rough music to work with.

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