Sunday, 6 February 2011

Rough Storyboard Ideas

These are a few rough storyboard ideas I drew up quickly in my sketchbook. I was originally going to have an opening sequence before the title where Tizz fishes the bottle out a cupboard before you see her with it outside, but I soon realised this was unnecessary both in terms of work and story telling... I think the story would flow a lot better if she just found the bottle while already outside, making the plan spontaneous and exciting rather than something she's apparently planned out. I'd imagine a feat as daring and crazy as catching lightning in a bottle needs to be very much a spur of the moment thing, because the more you step back and consider it the more you realise what a ridiculous idea it really is. I also realised I could cut out a lot of the establishing shots showing her pulling the kite out of her bag etc. I'm sure the audience will be able to follow along with what's happening just as well if I jump from the close up of her face (pannel 14) to her tying the key with string (19).

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