Sunday, 17 April 2011

Character Colours

Here are a few colour tests for Tizz. Rather than give her an ugly, harsh black outline that looks typically 'Flash', I decided to try outlining each component of her designs with a darker colour of what it's filled with, hopefully giving her a much softer edge as a result. Personally I really like the effect and I think it's worth the extra effort to make her look more traditional, plus this way she won't clash with the backgrounds.

-Auburn hair is just the might mix of red and brown to look interesting, compliments the bright yellow coat.
- Yellow coat/hat is the right shade of warm, golden yellow to contrast and compliment the blue and purples of the sky without looking garish.
- Blue tights and purple boots work well with the yellow coat/hat, and since they'll only every be seen against the green on the grass there's no fear of them blending in with the sky.

I'm pretty much set on this as my final colour palette, but here are a few of the other options I tried before making my decision.

-I like the idea of red hair, but this is too orangey-red for my liking.
-Green compliments the red well, but again is too similar to the grass.

-Blue coat/hat contrasts well with the blode hair, but will blend in too much with the sky/backgrounds.
-Grey boots look too dull and boring. Kids should have brightly coloured wellies!

-Pink strikes me as too girly a colour for Tizz, also a little to close to red. I don't want people to think she a variation on Red Riding Hood.
-Not sure I'm keen on her being blonde either... Something about it just doesn't suit her.

-Colours look off, not keen on the shades
-Green boots will belend in with the grass

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