Friday, 20 May 2011

Run Cycle

Since she'll be running downhill I didn't want this to be be an ordinary upright run cycle, she needs to look panicked and desperate and like she running all out, perhaps even struggling to keep her balance a little from the speed of running downhill. With that in mind I adapted a basic run example from the Animators Survival Kit to fit Tizz's needs, only making her center of gravity a little lower than usual so she looks like she's running closer to the ground. This will also compensate for the lack of arms to balance her, as she'll be clutching the bottle in both hands. I tried to make it look as though her head and shoulders/upper body are swinging left and right as she runs to supplement this as well.

I also took the time the make her mouth open and close a little so it appears she's gasping for breath as the cycle loops.

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