Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Scene 4

Despite seeming like a relatively simple scene, this shot proved to be a complete and utter pain in the backside, mostly due to the issues of timing and camera movement. I had to listen to Stefan's score constantly while animating to ensure that I timed the sudden camera movement up to her eyes perfectly with the dramatic change in music. This proved to be a challenge but also a great learning experience for syncing and working with sound in general.

For the counting lip movements I imported the video reference of me counting and rotoscoped the lips, then went back and made adjustments to the shapes, exaggerating the moth in order to fit with my far more cartoony character.

I then adjusted the positions of the lips for each frame to match up with the bobbing up and down of the head.

Added hair and eye movement to show the change in the tilt of the head as it moves up and down.

Scales everything up to the correct zoomed in position on screen to match the storyboard.

Animated the surprised blink of the eyes and the camera shoots up to focus on them.

Animated the smiling change of expression as a symbol, allowing me to easily tween the camera pulling out at the same time.

Finally added the arms, string, and key, making sure to animate the key slightly as she tightens the string around it.

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