Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Scene 7

Due to this scene being a mostly static shot (in terms of character animation), I spent a lot of time animating the hair in order to make sure it flows as smoothly as possible in the breeze so the audience will have something to focus on while Tizz is just staring at the sky. To be honest I probably spend too much time animating the hair... but I think it really paid off as it looks like it's flapping gently rather than blowing wildly like in the other scenes, which took a lot more care, attention, and frames. The coat was easy in comparison.

Next came the body jerk as she's overwhelmed by a sudden gust of wind (the one about the blow the kite away). Again had to act this out myself several times to get the feel of it, including pulling numerous slow motion facial expressions int he mirror which must have made me ook quite demented. I think what I've done works, but it looks like it stops a little abruptly with the hair and coat blowing rapidly int he wind to compliment it... Though I'm fairly certain from all the times I've acted it out that it she doesn't require any further bodily animation, so I'll just have to trust my instincts and wait until I have time to add the rest of the hair to see the shot fully working.

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