Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Scene 9

This was a tricky scene to get right as I needed a smooth transition from standing to bending over to pick up the bottle to running. To accomplish this I used video reference of myself acting out the scene, though I didn't trace or rotoscope it. I only imported the video into Flash and stuck it behind the scene to save time keep flicking between two programs.

As usual started with the body, this time focusing on making the transition going into the run as smooth as possible before working on the rest beforehand.

Once happy with the body I added the coat, hat and boots. I realised I needed to make the wind suddenly change direction and blow her back slightly to justify why her coat/hair trails behind her as she runs rather that blowing in front her her, so I added in the secondary animation to supply this. I'm actually quite glad I did despite the extra time it took, as the scene feels a lot more interesting and dynamic to watch now.

Lastly I added the hair and coloured a few frames as examples for the second years helping me colour for the their Professional Practice module. I also added in her shorts for the few frames you can see them under her coat as the coat's blowing in the wind.

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