Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Scene 28

Started tracing key frames from the animatic.

Added more in-between movement, acting it out myself as I went along to get the arc of the back right as she straightens up and raises the bottle.

Finished the body movement and added the face. I spend a long time focusing on the facial expressions to get the absolutely perfect, as this is possibly the most important scene for her to show how truly in awe she is of the lightning and overjoyed by her success.

Added the coat, making sure to add an extra few frames for the follow-though movement of the sleeve whenever she stops.

Added the hat, again with a few extra frames for follow-through movement so it flops down rather than looking stiff.

As usual I tool a lot of care with the hair, especially at the end when it springs up with static. That was difficult to work out how to do, but I eventually discovered that exaggerating the hair so it stands up almost completely straight/on end before pinging back into the zig-zag locks was the most effective.

Fully coloured scene with background. This will be as final a version as I can accomplish before the deadline due to time constraints, but I'll go back and add the lightning/cork/lighting afterwards for the final show.

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