Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Scene 2

This short scene wasn't too difficult to do, though a little more time consuming than I initially though due to the extra care and attention I gave to her facial expressions due to this being a very close up shot. I also did't want the hair to seems stiff and lifeless, so I made it bounce as she looks back to exaggerate the sharpness of the movement. Personally I'm pleased wit the outcome, I love how something as simple as a little secondary animation to the hair can bring a whole new depth to a shot. It really shows that a little extra effort can go a long way.

The scene fully coloured.

Fully coloured with background. All the backgrounds for my animation are courtesy of my awesome background artist Roshni Kakad, a second year from my course who is helping me as part of her Professional Practice module. I sent her all of my research concerning environmental concept and we had a lengthy discussion about my ideas and exactly what I wanted to achieve with the visual style, and I'm pleased to say she's responded exceptionally well. Her lovely painterly style is exactly what I wanted to take the edge of the hard colours and outlines of Flash, making the entire animation look a lot more aesthetically pleasing I think. Having her work on the background will save me a lot of time I can use for animating, which is naturally the area I most want to focus on, and I also really love her use of colour.

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