Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Scene 20

Due to the previous shot being slow motion, I really wanted this scene to be fast and fluid in comparison to make up for it, as well as to hopefully exhilarate audience and raise tension due to the speed at which she's falling. I animated this scene on ones (24 fps) in order to achieve this, rather than twos (12fps) as I have done for all the other scenes.

I started with the coat/hat first (since you never actually seen the 'body' here), then animated the hair. Thanks to not having to worry about the body, the coat movement came surprisingly easily. I made sure to add a slight jerk at the end as she swings back with the string.

Next I animated the top half of the string to follow her down and she keeps tight hold.

Last was the key and the bottom half of the string, which was a lot more tricky. Getting the correct amount of flick from the key and the end of the string was difficult, especially considering the perspective and the necessity for the string to follow an arc motion. But I think in the end I got it looking right.

Finished animating the key and changed all the outline colours to match the rest of the scenes so there's be no confusion when it came to colouring.

Fully coloured scene with the background. I think the bright colours of her coat stand out especially well against the dark grass of this scene, and it's here that I think my decision to make the inside of her coat a paler yellow really paid off. It really helps differentiate the inside from the outside of her coat as she falls, making the rapid flowing movement easier for the eyes to read.

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