Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Scene 14

I found this scene extremely difficult to figure out due to the odd perpective of the camera angle (chosen to make the shot more interesting and give the viewer some variety between scenes), so much so that I had to leave it and move onto other scenes before I finished simply because it was taking me so long. It took a lot of trail and error to get to it's current state, but I think it was worth it because now I have a good idea of how to go about finishing it convincingly when I get time rather than starting from scratch again (working from a blank canvas is always the most difficult).

Started just animating the head to get a sense of timing and distance for the fall.

Added the outstretched arm/hand, adding secondary animation to make the arm waver and tremble slightly to show the strain and effort she's putting into reaching.

Added the coat, though with no wind blowing it around yet. I'll add the secondary wind animation in last once I have all the other movements working right, as they're the most important. Billowing clothes should never be used to hide bad body acting.

I tried to add more pressure to the hand sliding down with her here, I wanted to make it look like she really grabbing onto the edge of the pylon for dear life to stop herself falling any further. Something' off about the way she looks up.back afterwards, though... I don't like it. I was trying to go for fear and worry for her personal safety, but she seems almost too afraid... I don't want it to seem like she's regretting her actions despite her situation.

I realised it didn't make much sense for her to glance back over her shoulder after she slips... What exactly is she looking at? The horizon? If anything it would be a lot more believable for her to to look back up at where she fell from, her eyes filled with frustrated determination as she tries to claw her way back up again. She may be afraid of falling, but she's Tizz, and Tizz isn't going to let a little setback like that stop her when she's so close to achieving her goal. It's vital I always keep her personality in mind as I animate, especially these scenes whether she's going through physical and emotional stress, otherwise I could fall into the trap of bad character acting which is the last thing I want to do.

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