Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Scene 16

Rather than just having a static hand reaching out before grabbing the string, I wanted to have the hand tremble and twitch slightly to really show how hard Tizz is reaching and struggling to grab it. While this will take a lot more time, I feel the scene will be too dull to watch without some secondary movement like this since it lasts several seconds. It's all part of the dramatic build up to the climax, so I need this scene to give a sense of desperation and determination like the others.

Started by key framing/animating the two extremes.

Added the yanking down/back movement as she finally managed to grab hold.

Exaggerated the hand grabbing and yanking down a little more.

Fully animated the string and added more twitches to the hand.

Finally animated the flapping of the sleeve int he wind.

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