Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Scene 6

I started simply tweening the pan of the background to get the timing of the sot right with the music.

I decided to add a slight bounce in time with the music to the end of the camera pan to make it seem as though it's being filmed with a hand-help camera, or perhaps even through the eyes of the viewer (as when you suddenly throw your head back, there's always a slight recoil). I think this makes the scene feel lot more genuine and less stiff. I also tweened he basic kite movement, again to work out the timing and exact path I wanted it to take in the sky before animating properly.

The animated kite. I exaggerated the curve on it as it's blowing upwards to give a sense of perspective, as well as the power behind the surge of wind carrying it.

Next I animated the body trowing the kite upwards, then the clothes and hat blowing around it.

Added the hair, string and the kite tail whilst on the ground. FOr the string I purposefully made the parts that connect to the kite waver slightly to try to give a sense of depth (I want the string to seem like it's beneath the kite from that angle) and to make it seem as thought he wind's affecting it separately.

Last but not least, the kite tail. I found animating the tail and the string a lot more difficult that I thought it would, as i had to ensure they each flowed from side to side with different rhythms and timings sue to their different lengths and heights in the sky. I soon learnt that while they move similarly, they both obey two very different laws of physics.

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