Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Scene 21

This scene was especially tricky because I wanted it to be as smooth and fluid as possible, so I animated on ones rather than twos like I usually do. This meant a lot more work and I sadly didn't get the scene completed in time for the assessment, but I think it was worth is for the quality I achieved over all. The shot should look really effective once it's completed, which I intend to do for the degree show.

I started by tracing the keyframe from the animatic and tweening the falling towards the screen movement in order to get the correct timing.

I then worked on the facial expressions. I could have just kept her expression the same as she fell, but I really wanted to put in the extra effort to show her panic and fear as the lightning/ground closes in from above/below, so I took the time to properly animate a slight change in her face as she gasps for air, most likely crying out.

This time added the flapping coat tails. I animated each side separately to avoid them looking symmetrical and flapping in time with each other.

Rough cut shot complete with background.

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