Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Scene 17

Short but simple scene. Started animating just the face alone, making sure to as as much expressive detail as possible since it's such a close up shot. I took extra care with her eyes, making them widen and her pupil contract slightly as she looks up in order to show her shock/surprise. I could have exaggerated this more but I wanted to keep it subtle, after all the lightning hasn't struck the kite yet at this point, so it wouldn't make sense for her to have an over the top expression. This is more a 'breath catching in your throat in fearful anticipation' kind of glance. She knows the lightning is coming, and she looks up just in time to catch it.

Added the hat and the hair. Since the shot is so zoomed into her face, I purposefully over exaggerated the wind blowing her fringe in order to get more of it flicking into the frame in such a short period of time. I think this also serves to make the shot more dramatic and will hopefully help it make an impact despite being over so quickly.

Colour test for the scene.

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