Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Aims and Ideals

Following the footsteps of my Specialist Study 1 project before Christmas (which was done in preparation for this final module), I knew from the beginning that I wanted to create a short 2D animated film with a complete, enclosed storyline that focused on character animation and acting, stressing the importance of conveying a narrative without the use of dialogue. I've already gone over my reasoning behing desiring this method of execution in detail in the blog for the previos project, but as a reminder, I strongly believe that a well written story can be easily understood by the audience as long as the character can act well enough to connect with them. It is believed that body language alone makes up roughly 90% of human communication, and I intend to design and animate a character that can shine enough to tell her story without words and really show off my skills as a character animation, hopefully effectively demonstrating everything I have learnt about my specialism to date. More than anything I want to breath life into my characters, I want them to feel alive! If I can manage this as well as an effectively conveyed story, I will feel as though I have truly achieved something worthwhile this project.

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