Thursday, 20 January 2011

Inspirational Images and Videos

Here are a few images and videos that inspired me in terms of visual style for my animation. The first three are from the animator/illustrator Pascal Campion, who's art style I admire greatly for it's endearing style and use of colour and lightning.

The bottom two imagines I especially like for the lightning, I love how he uses such bright saturated colours even in nighttime settings to really bring his characters and the world around them alive, which is exactly what I want to do. The rain scene has an especially intense atmosphere without feeling miserable or full of despair.

The above screens shots and trailer are from the animated film The Moon Bird by The Brother McLeod, a dark fairytale about an orphan girl who must outwit an evil sorceress. While certainly don't want to create anything this dark and moody, I really admire the visual style and how it's used to build up and intense emotional atmosphere surrounding the young girl and the moon bird. I'd love to be able to create something this enchanting.

These screenshots are from the anime Letter Bee (or Tegami Bachi if you want the Japanese name). Again this isn't the sort of style I'm going for, but I love how these sketchy, shadowy illustrations are used to tell a story that instantly absorbs you with it's mysterious and eerie atmosphere. It's the use of atmosphere and dramatic tension that I think I'd like to cary over to my work.

Another sketchy, somewhat sad and depressing animation with a bit of a dark twist, but one that I find inherently beautiful. I especially love the colours and lighting in this piece, as well as its timing and use of music to move along what would otherwise be a silent story. While I want my story to be the opposite in terms of mood and tone, I still want to achieve the same connection with audience through my characters and the music used/atmosphere created.

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